Outreachy Blog #1 : About Me

Hi all, I am Navya. I am 20 years old. I am pursuing Computer Science and Engineering from IGDTUW, New Delhi, India. This summer, I will be working as an Outreachy intern with NetworkX.

NetworkX is a Python package for complex network analysis. As part of my project, I will primarily work on creating interactive pedagogical notebooks for algorithms implemented in NetworkX.

I learned about NetworkX for the first time through a college project and I found it very interesting and fun to work with. When I saw it on the Outreachy project page, I knew this was the project I wanted to contribute to.

Before Outreachy, I had contributed to some student-led open-source projects, but this was my first time contributing to a project of this scale. I learned a lot during the Outreachy contribution period, and it was very exciting to see my contributions being merged!

My core values are determination, optimism, and authenticity.

For me, determination is when I set a goal and keep moving towards it despite difficulties. Some days the progress might be very slow, but it is progress nonetheless. Even when I have made no progress, I will pick myself up and resolve to return stronger the next day.

Optimism is necessary to maintain this determination. I always believe that things will work out in my favour in the end. When I work for the smaller goals in my larger journey, say one of them being the Outreachy internship, I firmly believe that whether I achieve this goal or not, I will grow and move towards a bigger goal in my life.

For me, authenticity means that my values, beliefs, and actions align and that I am honest with myself and those around me. This lets me be at peace with myself because I know where my priorities lie and where I need to dedicate my energy and time.

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